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Excursions and special events

On MONDAY, JULY 24, FRIDAY, JULY 28 and SUNDAY, JULY 30, Francis Oger will accompany a few privileged people (5 at a time) at the Sorbonne's Observatory to look at Paris by night and hopefully a few stars if the weather allows it.


Organ recital 9pm at Saint-Étienne-du-Mont church (on the place du Panthéon).
Organist: Vincent Warnier
Entrée gratuite, mais on demandera, à la sortie, une participation aux Free will offering.


- J.S.Bach Fantasy and Fugue in g minor BWV 542
- J.S.Bach: The Six " Schübler " Chorales BWV 645 to 650:
          * Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme
          * Wo soll ich fliehen hin?
          * Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten
          * Meine Seele erhebt den Herren
          * Ach, bleib bei uns
          * Kommst du nun, Jesu vom Himmel herunter
- J. Brahms : Chorale "Herzlich tut mich verlangen"
- F.Lizt: Prelude and Fugue on B.A.C.H.
- M. Duruflé : Chorale Varié on the "Veni Creator"
- V. Warnier: Improvisation


  1. Visit of the Château de Versailles.
    Organiser: Boban Velikovic.
    Guided visit (in english) of the Grands Appartements, the Galerie des Glaces and the Queen's appartment (approximately 90min) ; followed by a free visit of the gardens (closing time : 9pm). (60 places).
    Charge: the entrance fee to the castle itself is of 45F, but it is free for teachers of any nationality on presentation of a professionnal card (i.e. mentionning your teaching at university) ; with an additional 45F for the guided tour (participating in this visit enables you to enter without waiting, otherwise there can be a two-hours wait) ; one RER ticket to Versailles costs 23.50F (therefore 47F to get there and back), but we can regroup to buy books of 10 tickets (188F each).
  2. Visit of the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie de la Villette, at 2:30pm.
  3. Picnic at La Villette and outdoor cinema The Gold Rush - Charlie Chaplin - 1925 (USA) and Nanook of the North - Robert Flaherty - 1922 (USA). Organizer: Thierry Coulbois.
    Free entrance, meeting point at 7:30 pm by the screen (look out for the colloquium poster), the film starts at 10 pm after night fall. Bring your own food and drink and some warm clothes. Sandwiches and drinks are available there at a decent price. Blankets and chairs for rent at the price of 40F.
    Location: Prairie du triangle, Parc de la Villette
    Métro: Porte de Pantin (line 5). Bus: line PC, 75, 151
    NB : This event will be cancelled in case of bad weather conditions.
  4. Stroll in the Quartier Latin guided by Max Dickmann.
  5. Bicycle ride guided by Jean-Pierre Ressayre. 25 bikes have been booked.
    Fee (bike rental): 100F. For details, click here.


Apéritif and dinner at the Château de Ferrière. The meal is prepared by a caterer from the South-West of France, a region much renowned for its gastronomy.
The departure by bus is scheduled for 6pm in front of the Panthéon. The dinner is offered to the participants, and costs 300F for the persons who accompany them.
Registration for ALL, participants and guests, imperatively before Tuesday, July 25th at 12 pm (noon).


Theatre evening (Organized by Zoé Chatzidakis)
15 seats have been booked for 8:30 pm. Fee: 120F.
L'Habit vert, by Robert de Flers and Gaston de Caillavet.
Director: Anne-Marie Lazarini.
Theâtre Artistic-Athévains - 45 rue Richard-Lenoir 75011 PARIS


  1. Guided tour of Le Marais.
    This neighbourhood, fashionable in the 17th century, features many beautiful "hôtels particuliers", built by the aristocracy. There will be two separate tours, one at 3pm and the other one at 5:30pm, each with 25 people. The rendez-vous is in front of Hôtel de Sully, 62, rue Saint-Antoine (métro Bastille or Saint-Paul). The visit will last between one and a half and two hours. Fee: 35F
  2. Stroll in the Quartier Latin guided by Max Dickmann.
  3. Excursion on roller blades, organised by Jean-Louis Krivine. Rental of roller blades and protections costs around 50F.

Where to have lunch

Where to have lunch A limited number of meals have been booked at the staff restaurant of the Ministry of Research, accessible at 25, rue de la Montagne Sainte-Geneviève, open on weekdays only. The meal costs 50F, and includes a main course, 3 small plates of hors-d'oeuvre and/or desserts, and a drink. Coffee is an additionnal 3.50F.
Tickets should be purchased at least 2 DAYS IN ADVANCE, at the colloquium's reception desk, therefore : as soon as possible for Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th, before Monday 24th at 12 pm for Wednesday 26th etc. It is necessary to wear the colloquium's badge in order to access this restaurant.
Here is a list of restaurants close to the Sorbonne, established by Susana Berestovoy.

Restaurants around 100 francs

ORIENTAL FOOD (Lunchtime and evening, drinks not included in the price)
          - Tropicariz (menus between 40 and 80F) - 58, rue Monsieur le Prince
          - Zhen Yeh (menus between 50 and 85F) - 18, rue Cujas (open every day)
          - Au Coin du Luxembourg (menus between 50F and 80F) - 176 rue Saint Jacques

TRADITIONAL (Menus at lunchtime, drinks are not included in the price).
          - Polidor (menus: 55F, 110F and 120 Francs) - 41, rue Monsieur le Prince (open every day)
          - Chez Pento (menu: 92F) - 9, rue Cujas (closed on Saturdays and Sundays)
          - Au Bistro de la Sorbonne (menus: 75F and 95F) (closed on Sundays)
          - Perraudin (no menu) - 157, rue Saint Jacques (closed Saturday noon, Sunday, and Monday noon)
          - Le Volcan (menus:from 59F to 145F) - 10, rue Thouin
          - Le Procope (menus: 99F and 130F) - 13, rue de l'Ancienne Comédie (open every day until 1.00 am.)
          - Salut l'Artiste (menus between 79F and 120F) - 22, rue Cujas
N.B.: all these restaurants are more expensive in the evening, allow between 150F and 250F.

BELGIAN (à la carte: 180F to 250F)
          - Bouillon Racine. Lunchtime menu : 79F : main course + drink, 99F; first + main course or main course + dessert,129F : first + main course + dessert,189F; evening menu also - 3, rue Racine

          - L'Acropole: lunchtime and evening. Menus 65F and 85F; otherwise around 100F. - 3, rue de l'Ecole de Médecine

TUNISIAN (lunchtime and evening)
          - Salammbô (55F formula, drinks not included) - 2 et 4 rue Boutebrie
          - Chez Hamadi (menu: 79F) - 12, rue Boutebrie

          - Pub Saint Germain des Prés (menus: 68 and 90F) - 17, rue de l'Ancienne Comédie (2nd floor) (Pub on the ground floor, open 24 hours)

For a Snack: a selection of parisian café s (plat du jour/salads/croques/quiches)
          - Accatone (68F menu, 49F formula, drinks not included) - 20, rue Cujas (closes on Friday, July 28th, for the summer)
          - Le Reflet - 6 rue Champollion
          - Le Sorbon - 60, rue des Ecoles
          - L'Ecritoire - 3, Place de la Sorbonne
          - Café de la Nouvelle Mairie - 19-21, rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques (Monday to Friday 9am until 8 pm, night service Tuesday and Thursday)

          - Brasserie Balzar - 49, rue des Ecoles (open every day until 1:00 am, allow 150 to 220F)
          - Les Fontaines - 9, rue Soufflot (150 to 250F)

Three good Restaurants

(by Jean-Louis Duret))

Of course there are such prestigious names as Lucas Carton, Taillevent or Pierre Gagnaire (and a few others), but their prices might stop you. Here are three good restaurants (all those I took there agreed) at a reasonable price (it is advisable to make a reservation).

ARISTIPPE (Gilles Le Gallès)
8, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau. 75001 Paris. (not far from the Louvre)
Tel: 01 42 60 08 80. Fax: 01 42 60 11 13
Closed Saturday lunchtime and Sunday.
Consisting mainly of fish and seafood, the menu also boasts a surprising (and good) rabbit with camembert. A 170F menu, and a 300F menu which follows the chef's inspiration, and comprises an excellent 1997 Riesling from the Ostertag estate).

LE DÔME DU MARAIS (Pierre Lecoutre)
53 bis, rue des Francs Bourgeois. 75004 Paris (quartier du Marais)
Tel: 01 42 74 54 17. Fax: 01 42 74 54 17
Closed on Sunday.
The cooking is worth the setting. The circular room is an old salesroom "Mont-de-Piété" (state-owned pawnshop) salesroom, dating from the 18th century and dominated by a glass dome (from the 19th century, I think), whence the restaurant's name. I recently had dinner there with a group of mathematicians (including an american man (U.S.A.) and a portuguese woman who had eaten at Guy Savoy and Meneau in Vézelay) ; we were delighted by the 170F menu.

L'AVANT-GOÛT (Christophe Beaufront)
26, rue Bobillot. 75013 Paris
Tel: 01 53 80 24 00. Fax: 01 53 80 00 77
Closed on Sunday and Monday.
The Pudlo guide describes this restaurant's cooking as "Great Domestic Cuisine". Undoubtedly, but there is also some creative cooking. It's tasty, and the price/quality ratio is excellent : unless you choose the 190F menu, it will cost you approximately 200F, wine included.

A few other restaurants

6, rue Coquillère. 75001 Paris
Tel: 01 40 13 77 09
An extraordinary 1900 setting for this restaurant specialising in pork meat. Allow 220-350F.

33, rue du Pont-Neuf. 75001 Paris
Tel: 01 42 36 07 42. Fax: 01 42 36 36 85
Mackerel "rillettes", angler with lentils, marmite de lapereau à la sauge (young rabbit with sage casserole), to savour while watching the wall-paintings depicting smoking dogs going about their daily duties. Menus: 98F, 129F, 169F.

15, rue Montmartre. 75001 Paris
A bistro where you can eat the "plat du jour". Superb glazed tiles depicting the Baltard food market's activities.

VAGENENDE (quartier latin)
142, boulevard Saint-Germain. 75006 Paris
Tel: 01 43 26 68 18. Fax: 01 40 51 73 38
Invented by the butcher Pierre-Louis Duval, the " bouillons " were cheap restaurants originally intended for the food market workers. In 1895, the Chartier brothers open their first bouillon. In 1904 they create the one that will become Vagenende. This restaurant has kept its magnificent Art Nouveau decoration. The cooking is an honest "brasserie" style, with "sole meunière", thyme-roasted lamb, "andouillette" (small sausage made of chitterlings), and lemon pie with meringue. Menu: 142F

7, rue du Faubourg Montmartre
Tel: 01 47 70 86 29. Fax: 01 48 24 14 68.
The last "bouillon" of the Chartier brothers (check Vagenende above) that still bears their name. The setting, less dashing than Vagenende (wood, brass and glass, revolving doors, boxes where regular customers used to keep their own napkins) hasn't changed since its opening in 1896. A simple and cheap cooking style (91F menu, egg mayonnaise: 9F, chocolate mousse: 13F

Gare de Lyon. 20, boulevard Diderot. 75012 Paris
Tel: 01 43 43 09 06. Fax: 01 43 43 97 96
According to the Pudlo guide, the new owner has put the kitchen in order and one can now come and eat there with pleasure. Imposing 1900-style setting : the walls are covered with statues, golden ornaments, and paintings by celebrities of the time showing the regions of France crossed by the former railway company "PLM" (Paris-Lyon-Marseille). Menu: 250F (wine included).
Menu : 250F (vin compris)

There are of course many other restaurants with sumptuous or amusing settings. If you are interested, I recommend the book "Restaurants de Paris" in the "Guides Gallimard" collection.

Where to find a baguette?

The Baker of the Year according to Pudlo : Kayser, 8 (and 14), rue Monge, Paris 5ème (close to Jussieu). Ask for "une baguette Monge". First located in a contemporary shop at n°8, Kayser bought the beautiful ancient shop from n°14 when the baker who was there.

Where to buy a béret basque?

Most of the berets (even those bearing the "Pays Basque" label, aren't made in France any more, and rumor has it that a lot of them are manufactured in South-East Asia. Latreille (62, rue St-André-des-Arts, 75006) certified me that he sold the true and original beret made in the Pays Basque.

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