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Programme of ELSS 2000


L. Blum and S. Smale: Complexity and real computation. (ps, dvi)
E. Bouscaren: Model theory and Geometry. (ps, dvi)
J. Longley: Realizability and higher-type computability. (ps, dvi)
H. Woodin: The continuum hypothesis. (ps, dvi)

Cognitive science:

D. Osherson: A Psychologist Looks Hopefully to Logic. (ps, dvi)

History of logic of the 20th century:

M. Davis: Computability theory in the twentieth century. (ps, dvi)
W. Hodges: Model theory in its first century. (ps, dvi)
D. Martin: Set theory in the 20th century. (ps, dvi)

Philosophy Symposium: The foundations of mathematics around 1900. Speakers:

W. Ewald: The Philosophical Significance of Hilbert's Problems. (ps, dvi)
R. Heck: Frege's Contributions to Foundational Studies. (ps, dvi)
Ph. de Rouilhan: Russell's Logics. (ps, dvi)
Moderator: Ch. Parsons.

List of Contributed papers

Computability and Complexity

Amphithéâtre Lefebvre
Chair: R. Kaye

12:00. Mariagnese Giusto: Free Sets and Reverse Mathematics  (ps, dvi)
12:20. Morteza Moniri: Some Results on Intuitionistic Pi_1-Induction  (ps, dvi)
12:40. Vladimir Sotirov: Leibniz Style Arithmetization of Monadic Predicate Calculus with Equality  (ps, dvi)


Salle Cavaillès
Chair: S. Berestovoy

12:00. Serban Leoca: What is it a logical theory of truth?  (ps, dvi)
12:20. José Martínez Fernández: A Strategy for the Solution to the Gupta-Belnap Fixed-Point Problem  (ps, dvi)

Application of logic to Cognitive Science

Salle Cavaillès
Chair: S. Berestovoy

12:40. Paula Bucholc: Logical Competence Versus Logical Correctness  (ps, dvi)

Model Theory

Amphithéâtre Guizot
Chair: D. Haskell

12:00. Ingo Kraus: Quantifierfree Stability in Generic Structures  (ps, dvi)
12:20. Jon Nedelmann: The Spectrum of a Simple Modular Theory  (ps, dvi)
12:40. Ziv Shami: Groups Interpretable in Simple Theories  (ps, dvi)

Amphithéâtre Descartes
Chair: L. Bélair

12:00. Alex Wilkie: Liouville Functions  (ps, dvi)
12:20. Armin Rigo: Complétions de Cauchy de structures uniformes du premier ordre  (ps, dvi)
12:40. Gábor Sági: Ultraproducts, Higher Order Logics and Complexity Theory  (ps, dvi)

Proof Theory and Logical Foundations of Computer Science

Amphithéâtre Turgot
Chair: R. Lassaigne

12:00. L. Crosilla: Constructive Set Theories with Restricted Induction  (ps, dvi)
12:20. Giovanni Curi: How a Point-free Constructive Version of the Uryshon Metrization Theorem Can Turn a Collection Into a Set  (ps, dvi)
12:40. Saeed Salehi: A Generalized Realizability for Constructive Arithmetics  (ps, dvi)

Set Theory

Amphithéâtre Richelieu
Chair: J. Väänänen

12:00. David Asperó: The Bounded Martin's Maximum and the Size of the Continuum  (ps, dvi)
12:20. Jordi López Abad: Almost-Ramsey Sets in c_0  (ps, dvi)
12:40. Benedikt Löwe: A measure-Theoretic Wagde Hierarchy  (ps, dvi)


Amphithéâtre Louis Liard
Chair: K. McAloon

12:00. Petr Hájek: Properties of Monadic Fuzzy Predicate Logics  (ps, dvi)
12:20. Zuzana Honzíková: A Contribution on t-norm Based Logics  (ps, dvi)
12:40. Jacek Malinowski: Quantum Logical Consequence  (ps, dvi)

List of participants

Aspero, David
Baltag, Alexandru
Barker, Russell
Baro, Sylvain
Blum, Leonore
Bouscaren, Elisabeth
Brage, Jens
Brattka, Vasco
Bucholc, Paula
Capretta, Venanzio
Cluckers, Raf
Crampin, Cecily
Crosilla, M. Laura
Curi, Giovanni
Davis, Martin
de Rouilhan, Philippe
Dinu, Liviu
Duby, Grégory
Ewald, William
Foustoucos, Eugenie
Frécon, Olivier
Gibbons, Ben
Giorgi, Matthew
Giusto, Mariagnese
Hajek, Petr
Hamrin, Martin
Heck, Richard
Hernest, Dan
Hodges, Wilfrid
Honzikova, Zuzana
Jaligot, Eric
Koenig, Bernhard
Kowalski, Piotr
Kraus, Ingo
Lacas, Samuel
Leoca, Serban
Libert, Thierry
Lindroth, Olof
Löwe, Benedikt
Longley, John
Lopez- Abad, Jordi
Majcher-Iwanow, Barbara
Malinowski, Jacek
Mao, Yi
Marczewski, Jakub
Martin, Donald
Martínez-Fernández, José
Mellor, Timothy
Michelbrink, Markus
Moniri, Morteza
Nedelmann, Jon
Neumann, Stefan
Oitavem, Isabel
Osherson, Daniel
Parsons, Charles
Pauna, Matti
Pinto, Luis
Portier, Natacha
Raesch, Thoralf
Ralph, Alexandra
Rigo, Armin
Sagi, Gabor
Salehi, Saeed
Schatz, Torsten
Schmid, Ute
Shami, Ziv
Sjögren, Nils
Smale, Stephen
Sotirov, Vladimir
Strahm, Thomas
Thiel, Nikolaus
Wencel, Roman
Wilkie, Alex
Woodin, Hugh
Xirotiri, Olga
Yaffe, Yoav
Zdanowski, Konrad
Zoccari, Emanuele

Participant Questionnaire

The EC asks the participants of ELSS 2000 to complete the Participant Questionnaire and return it to them. The rate of returns of the questionnaires is an indication on how successful the Summer School was. If only a small percentage of our participants return questionnaires, this might be detrimental to future applications to the EC for funding the Summer School of the Logic Colloquium of the coming years. It is therefore in your interest and in the interest of your younger colleagues, to show to the EC that ELSS 2000 was indeed worth funding. This can be done by filling the questionnaire and returning it to them.

IMPORTANT: Before filling the questionnaire, please check that your name is indeed on the list of participants given above. Because of size constraints, we were unable to officially put down as participants all people who wanted to.

The Questionnaire is available in four formats: Excel (xls-file), Word (doc-file), PDF (pdf-file) and PS (ps-file). Here are the instructions:

Format EXCEL. Please download the form and complete it. Then send it by e-mail to improving@cec.eu.int, with HLSC Questionnaire in the mail "Subject".

Format WORD. Please download the form and complete it. Then send it by e-mail to improving@cec.eu.int, with HLSC Questionnaire in the mail "Subject".
You may also print out the completed form and send it by mail to the postal address given below.

Format PDF or PS. Please retrieve the form, print it out, complete it, and return it (by mail) to

European Commission
Human Potential Programme
High-Level Scientific Conferences
SDME 3/18
Rue de la Loi 200
B-1049 Brussels
Please note: our Contract number is HPCFCT-2000-00255, the Event number is 1, and the short title of the Proposal or of the Event is ELSS 2000.

(If you have the software allowing you to write directly on the pdf file, you may also complete it that way, and then return it by e-mail to improving@cec.eu.int, with HLSC Questionnaire in the mail "Subject".)



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